Walmart Money Card is featured as a credit card that means you can control the limit on and you prepay the amount that you need the limit to be. You can use this WalmartMoneyCard whereever Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Additionally, you can use it for shopping, traveling, and fulfilling other daily activities. 

When Walmart Card gets low balance, you can reload it again. It is allowed to use by minors who having the ages between 16 and 17. So, it's a great and safe way to do shop the things and teach everything on spending habits as well as make sure that your teen always has money. If the Walmart MoneyCard has lost or stolen, you can inform to the company and it will cancel your card and send a replacement of your card. It charges a fee for sending a replacement card. 

Who can Get a WalmartMoneyCard?

The people who are having above 18 can purchase and use this Walmart MoneyCard. For applying this card, you need not having credit score and savings bank account. Minors who has an age between 16 to 17 will get the card with parents' permission. You can also get multiple cards for a single account and all fees and purchases will be drawn from that account. 

Where the Walmart Money Card Used?

You can use the Walmart MoneyCard anywhere Visa debit cards can be accepted like grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, airlines, rental car companies, and other airlines which accept debit cards as payment options. 

Walmart  Card Fees

The most common fees for Walmart Money Card included: Issuance fee is $3.00 Reload fee is $3.00 and it is free with direct deposit and Walmart Check Cashing Monthly maintenance fee is $3.00. Here, you need to make a note that check out the cashing fees apply because there are not available in all states. 

How to Get a Walmart Money Card

If you want to get a Walmart Card, you can apply for it on online by visiting the Walmart Money Card site from your preferred web browser. The issued card will be mailed to you in 7 to 10 days. Besides, you can also pick up this card from any checkout lane at Walmart store. $3 issuance fee will be charged when you buy the card. You can also make use of the cash during checkout to load money onto the card. 

How to Reload a Walmart MoneyCard

You can reload your Walmart  Card at any checkout lane by paying out the cash. If you payed your cash at payroll or government check at Walmart, you can load that amount onto your card as well. You can also reload the card by using other methods like direct deposit or bank transfers or on the website 

Banking on the Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart Card is a reloadable prepaid card which works like a check card or debit card. It can be used very easily and use the account same way you use checking account for banking. Additionally, it has some useful extra benefits. You can find really exciting benefit from Walmart MoneyCard is that it has over a regular bank's check card is you earn cash back on any money that you spend at Walmart store. 

At the end of the year, you can able to earn up to $75 cash back because you earn 3 percent for everything that you purchase from Along with these, you can also earn 2 percent for any money that you spend at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations and 1 percent on anything that you purchase in Walmart stores. 

You can use this Walmart Money Card to earn money while taking the benefit of Walmart's everyday low prices. Additionally, you can also find special discounts and early sales notices as MoneyCard holder and get to know about other ways to save. 

Backed by a Major Bank

With the use of WalmartMoneyCard, you can gain access to extra savings in the store and online as well. Your money will be monitored by a major bank, Green Dot bank. When you've applied for this card, you will be presented with a routing and account number as a traditional bank gives you. 

While setting up an account, you will choose a card with either Visa or MasterCard logo. As similar as banking system, you need to provide a proof of identity in order to comply with the Federal laws. 

No Surprise Fees

By using the Walmart MoneyCard, you can enjoy the security of knowing upfront what everything costs. Here, you need to make a note that there are monthly fees just as you'd have at any bank. Other fees like ATM fees will be applicable when you're using MoneyCard and it will disclose terms and conditions beforehand so there are no surprise fees. When you want to get access to the cash quickly, you can make use of fee-free ATMs through Walmart MoneyCard's App directions. 

Walmart MoneyCard App

By using Walmart MoneyCard App, you can easily manage and access your money on your Walmart MoneyCard at anytime. It has provided a wide range of features such as:
  • View Walmart MoneyCard Balance and transactions. 
  • Get to know information about Walmart Near Me stores and ATM locations. 
  • Pay bills online.

If you're a cardholder with the new Walmart MoneyCard with cash back rewards including:
  • View cash back rewards online
  • Order and pre-authorize paper checks. 
  • Deposit checks using your smartphone.

You can also get access to card benefits which included:
  • You can shop online or in-store anywhere where Visa Debit Card or Debit MasterCards are accepted.
  • You need not maintain minimum balance or credit check to get a card today. 
  • There are no overdraft fees. 

How to Download the App

When you want to download the Walmart Money Card App on your smartphone, you can easily get access to the benefits immediately such as checking out the balance and transfer money from Vault to your main spending account, check your progress toward getting your monthly fees waived, get to know your cash back rewards, view transactions, and find the nearest ATM.

This mobile app allows to set out alerts related to your account and based on your chosen settings. Through the MoneyCard website, you can able to check out your account information whenever you need. 


The Vault is a special function which can be used when you want to save money for something special. It helps you to set the money aside so that you don't accidentally spend the amount. With the help of Vault function, you can able to get to know about stashed funds by entering the amount. 

By clicking on unstash, it helps you to make aware before spending money that you have earmarked for something special. It allows you to set the money aside for avoiding accidental spending while not drawing any interest. It gives you one entry per dollar stashing in the drawing with a $1000 grand prize and 500 more cash prizes. 

Convenient to Fund and Use

You can find a wide variety of options when you're using a Walmart Money Card. It included that adding of money at the register when you're shopping in your local Walmart store or income tax refunds or setting up free direct deposit of paychecks. You can easily pay the bill online by just entering payee's information, the amount you want to pay, and the date on which you want the bill to be paid. 

After that, you can take a decision that whether you want to make a one time payment or enroll in automatic payments. You will also get a notification when a transaction goes through. Along with these, you will always have access to your transaction history when you want to confirm the date on which the bill was paid. 

Walmart Money Card Login Instructions

If you want to access your Walmart Prepaid Card account, you can follow below mentioned guidelines such as:
  • Initially, visit official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Enter your card details like user name and password for getting access to your account. 
  • Finally, click on login button which will be redirected to you a new page wherein you can check out your current balance, transaction history, and more.